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A review of how The FA are using GCP in their Helix platform.

  • 26 July 2022
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The FA's Player Performance System (PPS) is a key component of Helix, the FA's application and development suite that has been hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the past five years.

The FA platform is built on various GCP tools that are linked together by a complex micro service system that is used to update the data being collected, analysed, and stored.

GCP tools work to tracking FA data is a computationally intensive process because it must be cleaned, smoothed, and have external information applied to it before its value can be realised to achieve accurate result.

Now lets think about advantage England: will data analytics help bring home a Trophy?


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Great post @malamin!

Thanks, for sharing it.

Now it remains to be seen whether England's teams will gain a competitive edge through technology with a personalized player performance system.

I remember that you like football@reganrau @Parallelbeans @cmojsiejenko @feouta . What do you think about this project? Is it going to help England?


FYI @malamin )

It all started in 2019. This is the first post from the official Google Cloud blog: The FA is creating a better future for football with Google Cloud