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Advanced Medical Entity Extraction with AI in Google Cloud.

  • 15 August 2022
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Recently Google cloud worked with Apollo 24|7, the largest multi-channel digital healthcare platform in India, to build the key blocks of their CDSS solution. It is a crucial piece of healthcare technology, the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), that analyses data to assist healthcare practitioners in making decisions regarding patient care.

Google cloud AI helped them to parse the discharge summaries and prescriptions to extract the medical entities. These entities can then be used to build a recommendation engine that would help doctors with the “Next Best Action” recommendation for medicines, lab tests, etc.

Vertex AI, a Python package comprising spaCy models for analysing biomedical, scientific, or clinical literature, is used by Google cloud to conduct research based on ScispaCy.

To learn more about Google Cloud and the Apollo 24|7 Building Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), click the link below:


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