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Big data & ML Growth stories - would love to hear your perspective

  • 16 March 2021
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Why is the big data and ML space growing so rapidly versus other cloud services? Would love to get everyone’s perspective. 

From my perspective, I think companies are realizing the true power of cloud lies in quickly leveraging big data and ML technologies (versus just staying on IaaS or other PaaS) since they can enable several use cases (depending on the industry) and they do not have to manage the infrastructure. The key seems to be in the speed in time to value. Thoughts? What use case are you leveraging for your industry?


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My .02 is that there are now products and solutions in the market that have slowly democratized access to insights and outcomes from enterprise data that in past were unreachable without a fully formed data science team, significant capital outlay, and a healthy relationship between business users and IT.

Individuals and enterprises have always wanted to create value from their data, but struggled with how they tie together disparate data sets, through a true, real-time unified view of their customer, and how to do it at a fast enough cadence to support business decision making vs. old and stale batched data from last month. I think your comment on speed from time to value hits at this point specifically. 

Google’s recent news article about running ML models on top of data real-time within Sheets is a good example of how far the tech has come to meet users where they work. Multiply that by all of the permutations where products automate the majority of the front-end work to set up, train, and deploy champion models...and you get explosive growth by customers who are no longer afraid to move beyond a PoC that never hits production.