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C2C Talks Discussion: Mapping AI Ethics to Cultural Motifs

  • 3 March 2021
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Hi all,

Sharing some excitement for C2C Talks: Mapping AI Ethics to Cultural Motifs, hosted by @tobisam. 

I found an article Tobi wrote which just so happened to align with some discussions on AI ethics we at the C2C team were having internally as well as some interest I’ve seen popping up within our community. Tobi will get us kicked off, but this is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in live discussion and pose any questions or thoughts you have on responsible AI or ML biases.

Sign up here:


C2C Talks are your opportunity to connect in real time with fellow Google Cloud customers. We invite community members to host sessions, discuss real-world applications, and hear how others are applying these solutions to current projects.

If you’re interested in hosting your own C2C Talks session, you can DM me or reach out to me at alex.maksymec@c2cglobal.com

4 replies

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One week from today, this event is happening! Don’t forget to sign up and bring along some of your favorite resources for ethical AI, or any questions you want to bring to the group. See you then!

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Killer talk @tobisam! I really enjoyed how you tied it together with the 10 commandments and the group discussion was a fun opportunity to hear from others on the implications of ethics and bias in AI. 

If you missed the live discussion, make sure to check out @sabina.bhasin’s post-event breakdown on the platform. 


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Thank you @tobisam! Will have the breakdown ready soon!

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