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Check out generative AI in 10 minutes with Vertex AI and without coding

  • 17 May 2023
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This video is about exploring Generative AI Studio, which provides a simple interface for experimenting with Large Language Models (LLMs). A structured prompt tells the LLM to extract data from a text in different formats e.g., as a table. You can also see how to tune the model to improve the quality of the responses without coding. Finally, the video shows how to deploy the tuned model.



Here is the link to the video: 


4 replies

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Thank you for the post, @MarkusK.

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Hi @MarkusK , I tried Vertex AI Generative AI Studio after watching the video and I’m really impressed with what I get after some minutes playing with the tool.

I’ve been able to get a table with extra information from a list of names, quick and easy.

Have you use it already?. I think we are seeing a game changer technology

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Hi @Alfons, Yes I have tested different models since I was accepted in the Google Trusted Tester program. You are right, this technology is going to be a game changer. 

I also tested its coding abilities and was able to create a Chrome extension with the help of the Chat AI in Vertex AI Model Garden. I still had to tweak the code but it helped me a lot.

Here is the extension:

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Very interesting video