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Conversational AI with Dialogflow CX

  • 15 June 2022
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DIY Dialogflow CX

Useful links and documentation:


Build a retail virtual agent from scratch with Dialogflow CX - Ultimate Chatbot Tutorials


I am working on an Online course about Chatbots and would be happy to collect interesting links and more information on the implementation of Dialogflow CX.

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Hi @Svetlana 

check the following post from @Liza_ 

You can read Dialogflow CX documentation and the Basics. They are enough to help you get started. Check the Google Cloud Tech channel for more informations.

Also take a look at Qwiklabs. There are some Quests that can help you. Like:

Also, if you want to understand the ins and outs of Dialogflow CX, lifelike conversational AI with virtual agents (chat and voice bots) check this video on demand

@Svetlana have you introduced yourself to the community? If not, go to the Lounge and use this template.