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EdTechs transform education with AI and Analytics

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Google Cloud is partnering with many of the leading EdTech companies, as well as industry-leading consortiums like Ed-Fi and Unizin, to standardize educational common data models and best practices for more agile and cost-effective integration of EdTech into existing environments.

Image Source: Official Google Cloud Blog

Do you agree that the education landscape is changing rapidly, and EdTech has a major role to play as institutions adapt to the massive shift in learners’ preferences and expectations?

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As someone who just left the educational field, I can say that this past year has shown so many weakness in the online educational experience (for students and teachers alike). There are so many EdTech companies aching for a piece of the pie, but there has not been a concerted effort to simplify and ease the entire user experience in general. @Gabriel Hoces I am curious about your experience with Google for Education: is Google ready to tackle this fall head on to smooth out previous technical issues?

I am passionate about technology in the educational sector. The easier ways for effective teaching, learning and development of contents and Records keeping without stress is my concern. As an educator will like to be involved with Google on the revolution

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That’s great @Bright Star 

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