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Google AI and Machine Learning are Transforming Bose Ideas in 1901: "Power of Feeling in Plants"

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Google AI and Machine Learning are Transforming Bose Ideas in 1901: "Power of Feeling in Plants".


People wondered when Google first time introduce to google AI assistant Google Duplex.

Google Duplex, is an AI assistant that can conduct phone calls for you and save you the trouble of human interaction.

Then, Google announced that Google Assistant on the Google Home Hub has the ability to talk to plants, in particular, tulips. It was a great wonder for Bose world. That means google shows the world the reality of the Bose statement "Power of feeling in plants" was given by Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose -1901.  It is a great implementation of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning in google tulip.

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose was a pioneering Bangladeshi scientist who demonstrated through experimentation that animals and plants have many similarities. He showed that plants are sensitive to heat, cold, light, noise, and a variety of other external stimuli.

Bose devised the crescograph, a highly sophisticated instrument that could record and observe plants' minute responses to external stimuli. It was capable of magnifying the motion of plant tissues to 10,000 times their actual size, revealing many similarities between plants and other living organisms. This concept wondered the people when Bose gave this statement at British Royal society hall in 1901.

However, Google Tulip extends the capacity to a completely new species that can benefit from AI in ways that go beyond ordinary convenience. Also, Google brings all tools, guides, and software into one platform and opens the door for everyone who wants to build an artificial intelligence solution.


What is artificial intelligence (AI), and how can Google help us build AI solutions?


The term "artificial" refers to things that are made or manufactured rather than occurring naturally. Artificial is often used as the opposite of natural.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a computer or machine to copy or mimic intelligent human behaviour and to carry out human-like activities or smarter than humans.

John McCarthy, who is the Father of Modern Artificial Intelligence says- “AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.”


So, whether we wish to create robots, software, or intelligent systems, we must consider various methods of engaging with human society and the state.

Because we are not only constructing an intelligent solution, but the outcome of that solution should also be based on morality, anti-social behaviour, rules and regulations, government compliance, and security control.

Intelligent solutions will also be applicable in the fields of psychology and behavioural science, chemistry, and biology.

Intelligent solutions should be able to analyse data from a variety of sources and types, including emotion, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, images, text, audio, video, and live motions, among others.

For the purpose of data analysis and computations, researchers employ various methodologies and algorithms such as machine learning, deep learning and neural networks while improve advanced AI solutions. .

Google Cloud assists us in bringing everything together on a platform called "Google AI" so that we may create AI-based solutions.

We may leverage technological tools, AI development frameworks, security standards, and compliance guidelines to create any type of artificial intelligence-based solution.

It will assist you in identifying and assessing the following options in your organisation and project for The Role of AI in Enabling Social Behaviours and Interactions.

  • Build a business case for its implementation.
  • Social and ethical implications
  • A contextual understanding of AI
  • Evolution to make relevant predictions for its future trajectory.
  • Designing Safer Public Spaces
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour
  • Keeping Up Mental Health
  • Promoting creativity and community engagement

Google Education produced a "People + Ai Guidebook" to build AI project without interruption for addressing bespoke AI problem and succession AI project. Google AI define great six principal and provide in-depth assistance across the AI product development pipeline. It was first introduced in 2019, and they have been updated with new following insights.

Also, Using Google AI tools you will define and understand AI/ML development flow while trying solving problem regarding Data collection, Data preparation, Developing the idea, Model construction, Model deployment and Model evaluation.

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