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Google Cloud Generative AI new products huge breakthrough.

  • 14 March 2023
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Google Cloud is announcing a new set of Generative AI products! Harnessing the power of decades of Google’s research, innovation and investment in AI, @GoogleCloud is bringing businesses and governments the ability to generate text, images, software code, videos, and more from simple natural language prompts.

We call them "Gen Apps" because they're like regular apps, but with a twist: they can generate new content based on user input. This is a huge breakthrough, and it has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with information and each other.

For example, you could use a Gen App to create a virtual assistant that can answer your questions in a natural way. Or, you could use it to generate creative content like poems, stories, or even code.


Google Cloud still in the early stages of development, but They’re making great progress. What can you do today?

  • To learn more, check out our announcement blog and new AI homepage

  • Register for the Data Cloud + AI Summit on 3/29, where you’ll hear more from AI leaders on these new announcements. 

Click on the link below and video to watch it in detail.



2 replies

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The “explosion” of development of AI in our days is amazing, don’t you think? ChatGPT from one side, image generating AI such as Stable Diffusion / Midjourney etc are just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more to it and it’s all rapidly evolving. It’s exciting even to think what the future has to bring and we are not only talking about the faraway future. Every day we have a new breakthrough! 

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Thank you so much for coming to this post, @Dimitris Petrakis.

You’re absolutely right about images generated by AI bringing wonder every day.

It would be a challenge for humans to input accurate data so AI could make the right decision.

Furthermore, it would be difficult for humans to have the correct, creative, and accurate imagination to plan any work that we can command AI to do for us.

If we can’t think properly, how we will ask AI to do something for us?

Most of the time, AI will take input without human touch and make its own decisions.

as smart billboards.

Suppose I want to make an advertisement for the billboard that would be placed in a crowded place.

The billboard will make a decision based on current streaming live insight.

As example,

How many people are there?

What is their age?

How many people have a happy expression?

How many people are worried?

How many people are tired?

Are there any incidents on the street?

A lot of information will be captured from live streaming, and instantly, AI will create ad content for the present audience that will attract proper attention for product promotion and instantly engage customers to buy their products.

Other use cases, such as filmmaking and healthcare, will cross human thinking boundaries.

So we need to think about where we stand?


Now it’s time for humans to decide how we should design AI for the future to avoid losing our power over artificial intelligence.