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Google Cloud Next 2023: The Supply Chain Transformation We’ve Been Awaiting

  • 8 September 2023
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Imagine a world where your ERP could predict inventory needs based on real-time global events. A world where Salesforce and marketing data are integrated with external datasets to provide unprecedented insights into consumer behavior. Where you could ask, “How can I reduce shipping delays during the holiday season?” and receive an instant, actionable solution. That’s the promise of Generative AI.

Google Cloud Next 2023 made it abundantly clear: Generative AI isn’t just on the horizon; it’s here, and it’s revolutionizing the way enterprises work. Businesses no longer seek traditional answers; they demand insights that are sharper and solutions that are more agile.  

As we engaged with customers during the event, their focus was unmistakable. They were eager to understand how to leverage Generative AI to tackle real-world challenges, particularly excess inventory

The primary concerns were about consolidating vast datasets, ensuring data quality, and maintaining data security.

Pluto7’s Planning in a Box 3.0 is our tangible response to these challenges. At its foundation, the platform seamlessly consolidates varied data sources into a unifiedsingular view, leveraging the Google Cloud Cortex Framework. Once this foundation is set, a layer of Generative AI intelligence is added on top. 

The result? Now, a demand planner can simply ask, “What’s the optimal inventory for the holidays?” and get an immediate answer without diving into spreadsheets or writing intricate lines of code.

As we unpack the key takeaways from this year’s event, let’s keep our focus on one central theme: simplicity in addressing supply chain challenges. With Google Cloud’s vision and Pluto7’s data platform Planning in a Box that can turn that vision into an everyday reality, the future of supply chain management seems not just promising but excitingly simple.

Google Next 2023

Duet AI: Could This Be Google Cloud’s Game-Changer in Gen AI?


Google Cloud may have just launched its most powerful Gen AI tool yet – Duet AI. Already being hailed on social media as the evolution of ChatGPT, it is set to revolutionize how we interact with data. For instance, with just a simple prompt, Duet AI can autonomously craft a Google Slide, pulling relevant data from Drive and Gmail. 

Now, what if you could bring this capability to your supply chain? Think of the efficiency leaps if a supply chain manager could, through a natural language interface, shoot questions about inventory, logistics, or procurement and receive prompt, precise answers.

Pluto7’s data platform, Planning in a Box taps into this potential. What it’s essentially doing? It’s blending human expertise with AI, streamlining decision-making.  

  • A sudden demand surge? You’ve got the answers. 
  • Cargo delay in Mumbai? Your system’s plotting reroutes. 
  • Supplier hiccup in Berlin? Alternatives are on your screen. 
  • The weather is impacting harvests? You’re three steps ahead.

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