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Google Kubernetes Engine: 7 years and 7 amazing benefits

  • 26 August 2022
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Today, as Google cloud celebrate seven years of general availability of the most automated and scalable managed Kubernetes, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google cloud present seven of the common ways that GKE helps customers do amazing things.



Increases developers' productivity


Developer time is at a premium. GKE provides a rich set of integrated tools to help their customers ship faster and more often. The practice of continuous integration (CI) allows developers to frequently integrate all their code changes back into a main branch, exposing failures faster by revealing issues as early as possible in the process. A CI pipeline typically produces an artifact that you can deploy in later stages of the deployment process with continuous delivery (CD). CD lets you release code at any time.


The ecosystem of developer tools for GKE spans across CI and CD.

Moreover, GKE Autopilot cluster accelerates app deployment reducing configuration time and simplifies ongoing management of Dev/Test clusters. You can read more on how to get started with GKE Autopilot


"Google Kubernetes Engine is easy to configure, and scales really well. That means the developers don't need to think about managing it in production, they can simply set the parameters and be confident it will work."—Vincent Oliveira, CTO, Lucky Cart


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