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How L’Oreal built a data warehouse on Google Cloud

  • 2 September 2022
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L’Oreal is a global company with a presence in 150 countries worldwide. Between managing all of its brands and requirements for different countries, L’Oreal looks to data to make insightful business decisions. How does L’Oreal unify its data across all its systems and databases? How does L’Oreal make the data accessible to thousands of employees? In this video, Antoine Castex, Enterprise Architect at L’Oreal, discusses with Martin Omander how L’Oreal built a serverless, multi-cloud warehouse based on Google Cloud.

Click on the video below to learn how Antoine Castex designed a complex data warehouse solution using Google Cloud.



0:00 - Intro

0:23 - Why does L’Oreal need a new data warehouse?

0:51 - Who is the L’Oreal group?

1:35 - Which systems does L’Oreal use?

2:14 - How does L’Oreal manage complexity?

3:59 - What is ELT?

4:57 - Who are L’Oreal’s data consumers?

5:41 - How L’Oreal built the data warehouse

8:51 - L’Oreal’s future plans

9:10 - Wrap up

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5 replies

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@malamin if you join our in-person event in Paris you will meet @antoine.castex.

Or you can send him a direct message from our platform.

Antoine is one of the French Team Leaders and he is a huge fan of Serverless

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Thank you so much @ilias  to introduce with @antoine.castex . Also,  @Dimitris Petrakis told me about him. I definitely gladly meet him when he will come to London and I will stay keep in touch with him by messaging. It will be very helpful for me to hear from a solution architect who has vast experience. 

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Thanks ,don’t hesitate to ping me , twitter or linkedin 

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Thanks, @antoine.castex 

@malamin Friday is a good day for you 😉

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Thank you so much @antoine.castex  for fantastic video. Last night I watched this latest video and find worthwhile for me and my c2c community member and I posted it here. Thank you for your incredible work at L'Oreal and C2C.

Thank you as well, @ilias . Friday is not only a good day, but it also brings me something special.