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How to build a modern banking app with Google Cloud

  • 19 August 2022
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who is newly practicing as a google cloud solution architect or trying to build a good banking app it might help you to understand how can use google cloud resources to build your app in the cloud easier. In this video, Developer Advocate Priyanka discusses an approach to building a modern banking platform in the cloud. Watch to learn about the power of Google Cloud and how you can also leverage the cloud to build a modern banking platform.


The video contains the following topics:

0:00 - Intro

0:47 - The current state of banking

1:35 - Banking as a service model architecture

2:24 - APIs for banking

3:21 - Let us know in the comments

3:35 - High level overview

6:06 - The architecture

6:36 - Channel services

7:01 - The customer applications

7:13 - The integration layer (API connectors)

8:00 - Event / Transformation hub

8:14 - Data for enterprise use

8:47 - Back end services

9:16 - Core application services

9:49 - Core security and operational services

10:19 - Sample application code

10:32 - Wrap up


Extra credit:


2 replies

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What an amazing video (as always, by Priyanka!) and what an amazing post, @malamin (as always, by you!) ;)

Thank you for posting this and thank you for even listing an analysis by chapter! So detailed! 😎

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Thank you too @Dimitris Petrakis for the valuable feedback.