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How to Redefine CX with Conversational Commerce

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The pandemic has reshaped buying behavior, and customers today expect a seamless, consistent, and personalized shopping experience across channels. Legacy retail contact centers operate reactively and fail to provide satisfactory customer service which in turn has a huge impact on the overall customer experience.


Google Cloud and Quantiphi invite you to this webinar to learn how the Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) solution can digitally revolutionize the retail ecosystem by complementing live contact center agents with AI-powered virtual agents and delivering actionable insights to personalize and enhance the overall customer experience.



  • How legacy contact centers fail to support evolving customer expectations
  • How CCAI transforms the retail customer journey
  • The benefits realized by a Fortune 10 retailer with the adoption of CCAI


Date/Time: Thursday, July 29th | 9:30 AM PST | Duration: 60 mins


Save your seat and invite a peer!

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I’m so curious if those AI agents are the bots in the corner of company websites or not. I guess I should check out this event!

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The webinar is starting now if anyone is interesting in popping in: