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I am a big fan of BigQuery Connected Sheet. Anyone using it?

  • 6 February 2022
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Hi When using BigQuery, we loved this no-coding big data anaytics - “connected sheet”


This is so useful. We analyzed 5M rows with pivot table UI without hustle.

Kids and non-IT people can use this for sure.

Does anyone use? Let’s chat about this useful feature. 

5 replies

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Hi @dai-tokyo,

this is real useful. Thanks for sharing! 

@sathyaram_s @RonGuida @TomNom @BrettBauer you knew that; Have you used it?

@dai-tokyo why not joining our coffee chat and talk about it? I know that @Alfons would like to have you on the chat. What do you think?

Hi @dai-tokyo I agree! I use it too and find it very useful. The power Google Cloud Platform is converging with Workspace tools more and more. In this case, the deep integration between Sheets and BigQuery is awesome and so valuable. Another trend is the increasing integrations bringing power to “citizen developers” with low code / no code solutions, etc.

It is certainly exciting tech!  

Thank you for sharing because in many ways, it is one of those “best kept secrets” (my hubby presented about connected sheets at the Google Cloud Sydney Summit back in 2019!). There are so many hidden gems like this one that need more promoting !  For that reason, I’d also like to encourage you to consider sharing this via a coffee chat! 

I love BigQuery Connected Sheets, especially for quickly visualizing the data - so we have something to work with while the Looker folks are developing their dashboards. 

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@Erika APAC Community Mgr  tks! sorry for my late reply. I will DM for chatting.

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@DanielZ  totally agree. I just applied biz account of Looker. Tableau did not fit us well.  Let’s democratize data science and visualize everything. Peta Byte data are hidden in legacy public company’s DB everywhere