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Introducing easier de-identification of Cloud Storage data

  • 15 August 2022
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Data de-identification, a type of dynamic data masking, refers to severing the connection between the data and the person with whom it was first linked. In essence, this calls for the removal or transformation of personal identification.

Data has evolved into a vital and important reservoir of value for businesses. As a result, businesses must safeguard and manage data in a secure and effective manner. Google provides Cloud Data Loss Prevention (CDLP). You may examine, check out, and de-identify your data with the aid of this completely managed service. Using CDLP, you may examine millions of pieces of data and determine which ones are sensitive and have to be de-identified or encrypted.

Additionally, you may set it to automatically allow it to disguise your private information (this operation is known as de-identifying). More than a hundred infoTypes are available in CDLP.  A type called an infoType is used to represent sensitive data, such as a date, a name, an email address, or a phone number. All information linked with one of the specified infoTypes will be hidden when you allow CDLP to de-identify your data.

Here are the following links about google cloud's latest blog on announcing easier de-identification of google cloud storage.




2 replies

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I was watching the video yesterday, @malamin, thanks for posting this! 

So, effectively, you can identify what sort of fields with sensitive data you want to hide OR to replace and from whom you want to hide/replace that data.

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You’re welcome @Dimitris Petrakis ,  I'm grateful that you watched the video. The blog link also contains additional information on how we might apply de-identification in Google Cloud Storage google cloud storage data.