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Introducing the AI & ML Moderators

Introducing the AI & ML Moderators
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Let us introduce you to our AI & ML Moderator:


Markus Koy

Username:     markusk



Markus is the founder of and a Google Build Partner and AI enthusiast based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Markus has 18 years of experience as a Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, IT Consultant, Strategic Controller, and Developer. Born and raised in Germany, Markus immigrated to Canada in 2008. His hobbies include fishing, snowshoeing, and hiking. Fine out more about Markus and here:


Job Title: Founder/ Owner



Mohammad Alamin

Username:    malamin








Mohammad is an AI/ML solutions architect at Aiiotsys. A computer training center has opened in Bangladesh. He was teaching computer skills to everyone. He graduated with honors in Computer Science from the University of Greenwich in London.

Company: Aiiotsys.

Job Title: AI/ ML Solution Architect.

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It’s really great to have you with us, Markus! Impressive bio too! 

Und, ich bin auch halb-Deutsch, so, ich muss “Herzlich Willkommen” sagen! 🇩🇪 😁

Viele Grüße aus Kreta!


Welcome Markus!!!! 

I look forward to continued collaboration.  

definetly need to talk some more in the near future. i have some interesting files and frameworks you may be interested in taking a look at

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And a big welcome to @malamin as well! :)