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My Introduction | Just a novice with inquisitiveness and hunger to learn on GenAI

  • 12 June 2023
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Hi, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is karan(shortly and professionally called) and I’ve been working into the application development phase for past 9+ years spanning multiple areas around Data Structures,Spring, Spring Boot but still keep learning everything new on Spring. My thoughts and dire inquisitiveness for learning on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ANN sprang from 2013 when I was taking this course as Machine Learning in my final semester while I was still working on Java full stack projects.


Long story short, let’s dive into this:

  1. What role do you serve in your current organization? Sr. Full Stack Engineer(Java, Spring, Spring MVC, Microservices, Spring Boot, AngularJS, Vertex, OOPS, Hibernate, AWS).
  1. What's your experience with Google Cloud?: Novice although worked with AWS for 3 years where I got an opportunity to create AWS stacksets for ECS serverless Vanguard’s Microservices architecture, AWS and PCF applications to convert into CloudFront Templates and then build and deploy them using Bitbucket.


  1. What are you “famous” for?:  People call me a person with strong research skills and development skills since I have always had a strong hunch for diving into the nitty-grittys of enterprise Java architecture models in telecommunication and investment management sectors(my work experience). However, I primarily call myself as a person who feels comfortable going into the flow of application development, enjoy writing codes, fixing bugs, learning and working on Microservices, Spring framework, Spring Boot and I still continue to do so. 

   Even as a developer, I have written more than 90+ legacy and spring based applications of Vanguard and have worked with cross functional teams assisting them to migrate into the Cloud Space(unfortunately not GCP but into AWS yet I am always curious on using GCP but never got any opportunity). I have also enjoyed working with creating new management portals using Microservices for Verizon’s to assist customers streamline and organize purchases of 5G products on VEC and SCM under GNT Verizon Group. Currently I am publishing two articles on Microservices as an open-source contributor on Linkedin Advice Community.


Personally, I call myself a person with interests spanning in multiple areas like Astronomy, Java full-stack, Mathematics, Physics, AI and Cloud. 


Recently I am conducting research on connecting DeepLearning Models to assist one of the Intel’s on-going HPE semicores project to demonstrate fully synchronous data-parallel training on 8192 nodes of Cori to help them find the size of Universe at Scale using CosmoFlow framework, a framework where we will be able to evaluate, determine and process large 3D dark matter distribution and predict the cosmological parameters ΩM, σ8 and ns with unprecedented accuracy.


What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? 

  1. Would like to build great connections by talking to leading experts preferably in the area of GenAI and the resources who can help me navigate and swifly move into this career field from the Java programming domain.
  2. Would like to build professional networking with mentors and experts to help me bolster my envision to work as an entry level Machine Learning Engineer(be it in Generative AI space or in data science traditional space).


What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with?


To be honest, I am currently not working on any large-scaled applications since I am interviewing with companies for new projects. Nevertheless, I am currently rapidly adapting to some of the good level courses launched by Google on Generative AI which I think should be helpful to atleast begin my ML career from somewhere this point.(can’t wait for a special time lol :D))).



How can other C2C members best connect with you?

Feel free to connect with me at linkedln. ----»






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@HarkaranS first of all, let me say: What a great introduction! Thank you for taking the time to write all the information about you, Karan! It's really great to have you onboard with us. Welcome to C2C - The Google Cloud Customer Community!

You got my interest at the part where you said that you are currently publishing two articles on Microservices. What about the Google Cloud aspect of the story? Have you been working with Google Cloud products? And if the answer is yes, would you like to tell us more?

Concerning Astronomy, you got me there too! I have created a small group on FB messenger with friends here in Greece who are passionate about astronomy and we exchange articles and astrophotography. Personally, unfortunately, I don't have a telescope myself, but two very close friends of mine do and they are producing amazing photos (take for instance this picture of Melotte 15 shot by my very close friend Manos: , in the centre of the heart nebula).

But what you said about your research in finding the size of Universe at Scale using CosmoFlow framework, sounds amazing! 

It goes without saying that I sent you a connection request on LinkedIn!


Again, a big welcome and I hope we can get to read more of your posts, of how you leverage the power of the dark side… sorry, that’s from somewhere else… the power of Google Cloud in order to better understand the dark matter too - why not? - and the universe in general! :)

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Yes, I may not know if it’s the dark side power or the lighter side but I am learning now to realize that this world of 2023 has propelled me to slowly initiating with my thought which says “learn how everything is connected to everything else”.  I am glad to accept your connection request.

I have not worked on Google Cloud products. I have worked into AWS cloud products though but seemingly strangled into Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Microservices and I am currently trying to battle between “do I really want to leave Spring technologies” VS “ now-definately-GenAI-Python-ML-DL” is going to be my favourite” . Sometimes thinking “could-I-just-get-more-work-experience-and-then-save-Java-as-freelance while keeping full-time with ML. These may sound very very weirder to you but it’s this very 2023 that I am working on multiple things but it’s harder to say to land at the most definate platform.


Currently consider that I have just stepped up into setting up my benchmark under Google Cloud AI space intaking lots of courses with LLMs, NLP, Tasks classifications, Predictions, having fun with understanding dialog-tuned models, instruction-tuned models, foundation models. There’s is much more exciting going on but never got any opportunity to work directly in real-time Machine Learning projects except my university academic projects. I am still lack-adaiscal of working into the space containing python, creating datasets, wrangling, etc. Exploring some-thing more into that as well through EdX. I am totally not sure what’s this is going to culminate in. Hence, I thought to connect and network with peers and ofcourse the very promiment and proficient workers in Google who are tech-lead experts at these trendy areas. I would like to evolve and learn more from you as I take steps to grow and be well-versed with Google products. Simply to put, I love GOOGLE(colorful company that can make my life colorful and the absolute place where I would love to make an impact and great difference).