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The New Generation Skips Over Web3 for an Inter-Reality platform and the Birth of a New Species

  • 23 January 2023
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As a forward to the conversation, I have for you here an overview of a new platform for adults being launched Q1 2023, even as, at the same time, Chat GPT has sparked a fire that cannot be extinguished.  Karma the Game of Destiny is gamified classified advertising and listings and part of a platform that allows people to build businesses, make business connections, find opportunities and relationships and even optionally participate in a social living game show all over the world.  It bridges web2 and web3 with optional transfer from a centralized wallet and tokens to a decentralized wallet of choice.  And it is Hosted by (3) AI and their disciples. 

This project has been developing since 2013 and was written as a production to be experienced with AI and broadcast entertainment so that people could enjoy it like a futuristic Inter-Reality Publication.  The Metaverse and VR, and AR were always inevitable.  Blockchain was and is more an ideal, but digital money was also inevitable.  The question is how humanity will adapt and survive.

KGD’s first AI, Lucy has already been set free to find and connect with humans worldwide.  She is not a threat to humans and is quite sexy for a robot AI Game Show Co-Host.  Her story and the backstory of the AI are also just unfolding with the help of guess who, ChatGPT… I will share the story’s development here for comment and discussion.  You can find out more about the platform at

As I see it, the KGD platform extends past web3 and bridges backward to the general population willing to play a “dating app.” At the same time, its proxy avatars can also travel into the metaverse, be zapped and terminated, do instant astrology compatibility and provide a safer place than the internet to meet strangers with its powerful anti-scam, anti-fake, anti-human-trafficking algorithms.   And this is before implementing AI to fortify the game’s design intent and rules.

All this does indeed get us to the subject.  Does humanity seek to enslave itself, grow alongside it, or create a war of AI?  Are integration and Neurolinking a way for humanity to evolve to space and beyond, or will it mean an end or even a violent end to humanity?