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The Vertex AI platform explained in one minute

  • 20 February 2023
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There are currently four different options for your API journey on the Vertex AI platform:

  1. ML APIs: If you want to get started right away without customization try ML APIs.
  2. AutoML: If you need a bit more customization, bring your own data, set a budget, use a codeless interface, and AutoML delivers your predictions.
  3. Custom models: If you have people on your team who have AI experience and you are willing to spend some time then a custom model is for you.
  4. BQML: If you have data analysts on your team you can use BigQuery ML to get your predictions using familiar SQL queries.


Here is a diagram to illustrate your options:


Finally, if you have 17 minutes and want to learn more about the options described above, then watch Jeevana Hegde and Hussein Giva in this video:

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