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Vertex AI Vs Generative AI platform

  • 4 September 2023
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Hey community, I was wondering if there’s some documentation on using generative AI products through Vertex AI or through the PaLM API. I noticed that there are two libraries / two products which both use PaLM. The generative AI product -- -- and the Vertex AI product -- 


What are the differences between the two?

4 replies

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Hello @ojpetar 

I will tag two of our members who are super into GenAi. 

aitrailblazer malamin 

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Awesome thanks so much :)

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Hello @ojpetar 

I’m traveling right now. I don’t have an access to computer. Let’s see next week. What are you trying to accomplish?

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Hello @valdecir.carvalho ,

I appreciate you mentioning me here. I have watched Google Cloud’23 session and selected the following video URL that might be helpful @ojpetar for learning about generative AI with Vertex AI. 


  • Accelerate your generative AI projects with new tools on Vertex AI



  • Predictive and generative AI projects with Vertex AI Feature Platform

  • Build extensions and extension-powered applications with Vertex AI


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