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Video Intelligence (recording via Nest indoor cam and identifying actions)

  • 24 January 2022
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Hi All,


I have a use case whereby I would like to record video from nest indoor camera, store it in google cloud storage and identify actions in the video and store the action labels in datawarehouse (e.g. bigquery). 

It would be best if the action labelling is done on the client side so that I do not even have to store the videos. 

Can anyone please redirect me to the right resources or experts?




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This should be possible. 

High Level Steps : 

  1. Train Model
  2. Export Model
  3. Deploy the model to your client device
  4. Run predictions and populate BQ 

You can use AutoML Video in Vertex AI platform.

The format of the model you will export depends on the client device. 


Some additional resources:


Hope this helps.

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@ilias  I think this thread will be better served in AI and ML forum. Are you able to move this please 



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Hi @sathyaram_s,

the post has been moved to the correct group. Thanks for your help! :grinning: