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Would you want a robot as CEO?

  • 25 November 2022
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NetDragon Websoft, the Chinese gaming company worth $10 billion, has recently appointed an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot named Tang Yu as the rotating CEO of its flagship subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Websoft.

The company said the humanoid robot would “streamline process flow, enhance the quality of work tasks, and improve the speed of execution.” Tang Yu will also operate as “a real-time data hub and analytical tool to support rational decision-making in daily operations and enable a more effective risk management system.”

What do you think?


Here is the link to the article: https://www.euronews.com/next/2022/11/20/would-you-want-a-robot-as-ceo-chinese-firm-is-first-to-try-as-it-bets-on-metaverse-workpla

3 replies

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Really cool read thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for sharing it @MarkusK 

I read it a few days ago and had some interesting talks with friends. Most of them are worried. There are so many things and variables that a robot-humanoid AI can't consider.


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Impressive. Yet I agree with @ilias. Just like speaking with a robot on a customer support line. You won’t be able to express 100% what you want and you know that that robot won’t be able to understand 100% your problem. Based on some scenarios and cases, yes, that robot can perhaps give you some information and perhaps can solve your problem, if it belongs to some basic tasks and standard scenarios. But a CEO who has to do some serious decision making at some point, will need a human way of thinking. 

I don’t want to condemn this before it even starts. “The future is now”. When we were kids, we thought that these kinds of things would happen at the very far away future, but here we are living it now!

With the right ML process, I think that AI can really surprise us - in medicine, in science and why not, also in business...