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Vertex AI Workbench or Colab (Pro, Pro+)

  • 16 October 2021
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Hey folks --

I was wondering if anyone here had thoughts about the new Vertex AI Workbench announcement, and how that might sit alongside offerings like Colab (including the Pro and Pro+ packages)?

Rather than provisioning ever-larger laptops to data scientists in the company, we’ve been encouraging them to make use of cloud hosted tooling - and recently have seen an uptick in requests for the paid Colab packages. Unfortunately these are quite hard to manage at an organisational level, as it’s a credit-card purchase on an individual account, rather than something that is attached to organisational billing. It seems that the new Workbench offering might be a little more appropriate in this case, but I was wondering if anyone had a handy comparison of the services more generally?

At first glance, it looks like Vertex AI might be a little more focused on productionising the notebook - which has been controversial in some circles :) - but I don’t know that there’s anything about it that would prevent the more exploratory data science work that they are often used for?

Would love to hear what everyone thinks,




-- Andy



1 reply

If you are “migrating” compute from laptop to Colab or Vertex AI - probably Colab .. It is a quick and easy start.

Where Vertex AI Workbench is better is if you want to easily integrate into other services of the Goolge Cloud Platform - say, reading data off BQ. Also, using Vertex AI means, the data is within the vicinity of the security definitions of your organisation, and policies can be enforced and monitored.

Just my few cents.