Serverless Dispatch: "Power of Serverless Event" is a Wrap

  • 9 June 2021
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[Note to readers: Welcome to what might be the first of hopefully a series of dispatches rounding up recent happenings in the broader ecosystem around some of our serverless products, especially Cloud Run. These dispatches actually started and live as an internal newsletter, but much of the content isn't confidential, so seems worth sharing with our larger community of interested practitioners - hope you Enjoy, -Preston]


Our recently held Power of Serverless came together as a fantastic event filled with content and customer interaction. We had enough participants that it took a whole squad of folks responding to text-based Q&A in the event platform to keep up. Over a hundred folks joined a dynamic live Q&A on meet at the very end of the event, with Kelsey Hightower moderating and volunteering us all to 2x the original planned duration to get through more of the questions. The content is available to share with content now on-demand. And we have some good follow ups including a series of Solution Accelerator workshops and a session in the ask-the-expert series May 27.

The latest scoop

For the complete list of previous Cloud Run feature launches, see the release notes


Would love to hear from the community on what I shared. Happy to answer any questions I can. I’m even happy to schedule a session to dive deeper where you want.


Happy developing!

Preston Holmes

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Thanks for posting it @Preston Holmes and I hope that it will be a series of posts!

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