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AppEngine Auto Scaling

  • 10 February 2022
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Hi everyone!
Here's a question: We want to move our AppEngine service from being manually scalable to being auto scalable. By doing this, we found that, when there's not enough traffic to our app, the instances are moved to sleep mode. We tried to avoid this behavior and still get auto scaling by having a cronjob that pings our server every certain minutes, just as a "keep alive" solution to this problem. Is this the correct solution to avoid having sleep mode instances, and always have at least 1 active instance, or is there a better option ? Thanks!


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3 replies

We had a similar problem and it would reload after sleeping which totally destroys the user experience. Not sure if it is the correct solution but we set an Uptime Check in Monitoring to run every 5 minutes.

We are now looking at moving from GAE to either Cloud Run or GKE and so we are likely only to use this for another month or so. I did find this article which although dated is likely still relevant.


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I was going to post you the same article @snorlax. Let me know if it works for you.

@PaulKama will it be the one or the other? I mean it will be either Cloud Run or GKE? Or are you searching for a combination of the two as well? GKE Autopilot claims to offer the best of both worlds. Have you checked it?

@PaulKama Thanks for the Monitoring Uptime Check tip!