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Application Development help

Hi there!  I’m new to the community and wondering if anyone knows of any GCP-compatible platforms out there to help us with create an app (software development). 

I don’t yet have a tech team, and I am not that technical - I’d like to build my MVP and launch it via the Google Play and App Store.  I’ve looked into AppSheets but I dont think that will solve our needs.


Our startup is in the healthcare space, so we need HIPAA compliance out of the gate as well for data collection.  


Finally, no matter what, it’s important to me that we own the source code of whatever we’re building - I am not interested in giving up equity for services at this stage.


Thank you and I’m super glad to meet you all!


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Hi @JakesStakes , welcome to the community!.

I was going to suggest AppSheets but I saw your comment. I’d be interested to know why AppSheets doesn’t work for you, any specific requirements that AppSheet cannot provide?.

Thank you for your well formulated and detailed question, I reached some customer engineers at Google and some Google Partners to see if they can help you find the best solution possible.

Stay tune to this thread!

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HI @JakesStakes 

Do you have a requirements doc and budget already allocated for this project?

We may be able to help if you have a starting point for my team to review. 

Feel free to DM me.