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Artificial intelligence in data analysis

  • 28 November 2023
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We have all been talking about the need for data analyst in the tech Industry. This need has variably grown from the start of the introduction of data analysis into technology and business. Yes the need for data analysis and data engineering is not disputable as even google cannot do with out this phenomena. But I haven't heard anyone talking about an application that can replace data analyst's. Just like chatgpt has replaced the need for content writers, article writers, and even some easy and less tedious programming solutions. same way google can create an application good enough to replace analysts. 


Most analysts know power BI as an Ultimate and easy tool for data analysis but if we can cut this chain by creating a predictive business model that not only predicts but provides possible outcomes and shares reasons it has arrived to such conclusions. This application should be big and vast almost covering all forms of analysis including the part of producing visual recommendation and tables and also the ability to generate reports with data entered. 


Further more, if google can make sure this application can possibly cover at least 80 percent of analysis then I am super sure that this application will not only have no competitors but will break the boundary of data analysis. 


My little advice for Google will be: instead of finding ways to create ai that can beat chatgpt or socra. We can find a way of making our own ai art that none of the best ai's portray. This is the art of production. 


We can all work together to work this out. Our own way.




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