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Auto Advance to Next cell

We are entering 18 scores from a golf score card into an online score card in Google Sheets.

After the 1st score is entered into a cell we would like to automatically TAB to the next cell on the right without pressing TAB or anything.  Once there we would enter the 2nd score and so on to the end.

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Hello @GolferJim ! 

When you do enter a score, how do you do that? I suppose you are typing it? Because when you are typing it, somehow, you have to “tell” to Google Sheets that you have finished typing it. The keystroke to press would be tab. 

Otherwise, what exactly do you have in mind?

Actually I’m just trying to duplicate how the SCGA/GHIN app does what they call “hole by hole” score entry.

It does auto advance after each score you enter unless you enter a 1… then it waits for the second digit before then advancing to the next cell.




So, the only keys pressed are the numbers representing the scores for each hole.  It is very cool to actually see.

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Hmmmm… Let me summon some of the Workspace magicians… Like @chanelgreco , @alan.muntadas and @PaulRLees for now, see if they can help ;)

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With Google Apps Script you can use a trigger that “listens” to any changes in a Google Sheets document and then acts upon it. So, in theory, after someone entered a score and hits the enter key, you could have the cell next to the entered value be “in focus” or active.

But as said, you will need to hit the enter key otherwise this wouldn’t work.

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@GolferJim - There are no native Javascript client side scripts on Google Forms. so you cannot generate an inline “on action” trigger, you need to “ask the server” and this requires something being sent to the server… so no this is not possible natively. you could write a chrome extension that captures the form (in the navigator) and then acts on it, but the overhead (get the person to install the Chrome extension, accept it etc..) would be very complicated. An AppSheet application & form might work better for your need if that “input flow” is really required.

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Thank you for your answers, @chanelgreco and @alan.muntadas :)