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Basic of JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) and Flutter

  • 30 December 2021
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  1. JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attributes- value pairs and array data types.
  2. In simple language, JSON is simply a format in which you can transfer the data from client to server and server to client.
  3. When you are making network-connected apps using flutter, then chances are that it needs to consume some good old JSON, sooner or later. so let's discuss the basics of JSON in terms of flutter.
  4. Flutter has incredible support for this format as it allows you to convert objects from and to JSON very quickly.
  5. Here in the code attached, What’s inside curly brackets is called a JSON object and it’s always made up of a string, which is the key of the field, and a value which can be a string, a number, a Boolean, a list, null or another object.
  6. In Flutter, you can decide between manually parsing strings using facilities from import "dart:convert", or using automatic code generation, which does most of the work automatically.
  7. Both ways are fine but you’ll see that code generation simplifies the maintenance a lot, especially for large JSON objects.
  8. In all those cases where there’s the need to deal with a list or small objects, parsing and maintaining JSON manually is fine.
  9. When JSON strings are very complex, with many nested objects and lists, it would be better to use code generation which handles most of the tedious work automatically.
  10. If you want to understand JSON in simple terms check out this video:-  for Flutter Devs, check out this official flutter guide by the flutter community on JSON
  11. For non Flutter developers, here are some resources to learn more about JSON W3schools:-  

    Awesome JSON:-  burningtree awesome-json

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10 replies

Good article for understanding basic of JSON

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Thanks for the post @Dr_Patel.

It is always good to read the basics and remember them.

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Thanks for the post @Dr_Patel.

It is always good to read the basics and remember them.

Glad you like it :)

Thanks for your post . It is very useful for me and other people.


Well, Android development especially hybrid app are now really popular. Flutter app development is increasing day by day. Its very informative to read the basics for upcoming era through this platfrom.


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Do you have to use JSON and Flutter also in the GC along with BigQuery?

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Hi @RealSSteinhund,

you can create your Flutter app and then deploy it on Google Cloud. Check the following links:

From there you will find your way to use BQ

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Thank you for your replies, @Nora Voila, @syevale and @RealSSteinhund

@RealSSteinhund I can see you have already presented yourself in the C2C Lounge and it’s a GREAT presentation, so, now I have to take the time and read it thouroughly! 😁

@Nora Voila and @syevale , I would like to welcome you as well to the C2C Community and to encourage you to present yourselves in the C2C Lounge, just like @RealSSteinhund did, using this template, so that we can all get to know you better! 😎

Also, please don’t forget to check our upcoming events, in case something might be of interest to you! 😉

Talking about Flutter, there was a great seminar from the Flutter team here in Heraklion of Crete, Greece (my hometown) back in 2019 at the Google Devfest event that I really enjoyed. I didn’t get on to work with Flutter but I found it really interesting! 😊

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Thank you both for your sources. Another few interests I’ve been having of late are TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing and Kotlin, and maybe look into Firebase as well. I’ve been saving a lot of resources around the internet where it comes into play with GCP and Android but since I have this wonderful list here I’ll take my first steps for these in Flutter. Can you see where the modern era of smartphone manufacturing leads? I remember Google Glasses, were those ever marketed to the general public? Can interacting with information on the cloud help to make them less bulky and more stylish, having the computer build in GCP not in the actual eyepiece? I’m not sure exactly how they work. 

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Hi @RealSSteinhund,

Android started with Java, and then with Kotlin.

Flutter is on Dart. Really powerful. Is it going to be the new hype? Is it going to be the ONE? I don’t know.

But you can use it to write code once and “play” on Android, iOS and Web. And you can combine it with GCP.

Google Glasses is another story.