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C2C Connect: Applications and DevOps. What's New!

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi everyone,

Tomorrow our weekly event C2C Connect: Applications and DevOps, will be about GitOps!  Gather around other folks that have used this technique to store IaaC in a Git repository and share experiences!.

Bring your experiences and knowledge with GitOps, or just join us to learn more about the methodology from other community members.


Here’s a quick tip from my desk:

If you think having your app code in Git repositories with cloudbuild as CI/CD is cool, try adding to that by storing your Infrastructure as code also in git repositories to embrace the full power of CI/CD! Check out the workflow below:

GitOps-style continuous delivery with Cloud Build

See you there!

C2C Connect Coffee Chats are informal meetings with peers to talk about Google Cloud technologies and how they can be applied to build different projects!. This series of 30 minutes meet keep going on a weekly basis so join anytime to jump into the conversation.


Do you think GitOps is an interesting topic to talk about?

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