Can't wait to see you all tomorrow at the FullFilld event! | C2C Community

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow at the FullFilld event!

  • 26 July 2021
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Check out the FulFilld’s journey to the Cloud, and then meet the team on Tuesday. 


It’s a dream scenario: choosing your own cloud platform when designing, architecting and building a global cloud enterprise software application. And that’s just where the Fulfilld story begins.

Fresh off the launch circuit the SaaS company is breaking the fourth wall and is taking the C2C Google Cloud customer community behind the scenes and along for the ride with their development, engineering to business leadership teams. 

They’ll candidly share their successes, challenges and your engagement is welcome. This series will be a mix of articles, discussions, on-demand content and even live events where you can bring your questions and comments directly to the teams. 

To kick off the journey, we begin with understanding who FulFilld is, why they chose to build on Google Cloud and how micro-services are enabling them to quickly deploy features, develop an intelligent enterprise warehouse management platform and support high-volume transactions that can scale globally. 


If you still need to sign up - here you go! 



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Hope you all come packed with questions at the ready! See you soon!