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  • 22 September 2021
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Image source: Google cloud Blog

Eventarc was annaounced back in October 2020 as a new eventing functionality that enables us to send events to Cloud Run from more than 60 Google Cloud sources. It works by reading Audit Logs from various sources and sending them to Cloud Run services as events in CloudEvents format. It can also read events from Pub/Sub topics for custom applications.

Eventarc now supports a new Cloud Storage trigger to receive events from Cloud Storage buckets! 

The benefits are:

  1. No Audit Logs means there’s no need to enable them and therefore there is no latency
  2. Filter by bucket is supported.
  3. Dual-region and multi-region locations are supported.

You can read more here


Our GCP French Leaders, @guillaume blaquiere and @antoine.castex are going to host Bryan Zimmerman and they will talk about EventArc and Google Cloud Eventing.

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