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FastAPI and Google Cloud: Efficient, Scalable & Cloud-Native

  • 8 June 2023
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FastAPI and Google Cloud: a new era of robust, scalable cloud-native applications. 

Imagine a world where app deployment is swift, and scaling is seamless - it's not far away, folks.

FastAPI, a slick Python web framework, is known for its pace. But its simplicity and automatic API documentation are what truly make it a gem. When it comes to the Google Cloud Platform, its reputation precedes it.


FastAPI in Action

Let's set the scene: Python, FastAPI, and a server, uvicorn, all neatly installed. A few lines of code, and you've got a FastAPI app ready to greet the world:

from fastapi import FastAPI

app = FastAPI()

def read_root():
    return {"Hello": "World"}


Containerisation: Docker Steps In

Imagine your application could perform consistently across different environments. Docker allows just that, bundling your application into a neat, transportable package. How to dockerise is an article in it’s own right. So I’ll skip over that part, but let’s assume you push it to the Google Cloud registry.

docker push


Google Cloud Run

With Google Cloud Run, your docker container gets deployed in a serverless environment, scaling automatically. Just like that, your FastAPI app is cloud-native, scalable, fully-managed and live on Google Cloud.

gcloud run deploy --image --platform managed


FastAPI & Google Cloud's Full Potential

What we've covered is just the tip of the iceberg. Let's dream bigger, and delve deeper. How can we push FastAPI and Google Cloud further? 

Is there a way to exploit FastAPI's real-time processing for handling streaming data on Google Cloud? Can the automatic API documentation elevate the developer experience?

The app dev world is abuzz with the synergy of FastAPI and Google Cloud at the moment. How can we embrace its potential to build efficient, robust, and scalable applications?

How can we redefine this powerful duo's limits? Over to you.


3 replies

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A great first post as a moderator! I can now officially say “welcome onboard”, @MarcFirth ! 😎

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I am using FastAPI extensively deploying the container in GKE. Works great!

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I am using FastAPI extensively deploying the container in GKE. Works great!

Glad to hear it, Adam! Yeah, we use GKE a lot too. 👏