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Flutter & Dart for Mobile App dev

  • 20 February 2023
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After many hours of looking at different tools and frameworks for the development of our OmniIndex Acadamy mobile apps, we decided to focus on Flutter with Dart. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons, but key to them is the ability of Flutter to compile down to native code for the platform/s of choice.

In Linux we have C++

// Implements GApplication::activate.
static void my_application_activate(GApplication* application) {
MyApplication* self = MY_APPLICATION(application);
GtkWindow* window =

Android Kotlin, Windows C++ and IOS Swift. Yet we only have to use Dart, this makes life a lot simpler and also more powerful. As we know longer have to worry about the nuances of a specific platform, Flutter handles that. Instead, we can separate out the look & feel and leave that with the Flutter design devs and the operations which we can leave to the Dart devs. The 2 sides then fit seamlessly together.

It is also a fantastic framework for teaching people the fundamentals of application development as you can seamlessly separate out the UI from the logic, and this was the main reason that we here in OmniIndex chose it as our platform of choice. 


For those of you who are looking to learn Flutter and Dart, I cannot promise a comprehensive guide as we have a very strict code practice which states, “All code must be simple, easily read by a human and understood”. That means if you are looking for overly complex code that makes you look clever you will not find it here, However, if you want code that you can see exactly what it is mean to do then please reach out. When the applications are complete, we will be publishing the code on our GitHub repo as part of the OmniIndex academy. In the meantime, we are happy to share the code under the ISC license with anyone who wishes to learn from it. Oh, we will also give you access to the application, Dropblock,  that allow secure file sharing on the OmniIndex Blockchain!



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unexpectedly, it’s been really useful to find the 1) firestore and 2) lottie libraries/integrations - both making development in multi-discipline teams really frictionless. I too am pleasantly surprised