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Have I saved my work or not?

  • 13 February 2022
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Dear Anyone.

I’m new to Google Web Designer and website design in general, making one for a friend and learning on-the-fly! So there might be a couple of stoopid questions along the way - this one’s totally cringeworthy.

I’ve setup a page in Google Web Designer.  I’ve CTRL:-S saved it. Clicked on the X to close the program down so I can do something else - and it’s asking “There are unsaved changes in your work. Do you really want to exit?”  So I chose “SAVE” from the menu, went to exit again and got exactly the same question from the program.

Why’s it telling me I’ve not saved stuff when I just chose SAVE twice? I’ve even tried SAVE AS and given it a different name for the second version, which is exactly the same as the first, just to see if that made a difference.  It doesn’t.  I’m still being told there’s unsaved changes in my work.

I’ve got to close out of it now anyway because I’ve not got the world’s most powerful computer - most people will have more powerful I-phones these days, I’m guessing! - and I need to use other software. So what do you reckon I’ll lose? And how do I stop it happening next time I use Google Web Designer? Don’t forget I’ve tried saving it in 3 different ways….

Yours puzzledly



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