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Introducing Shaiju Thomas, Application Development moderator

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Let us introduce you to our Application Development Moderator:


Shaiju Thomas

Username:     shaijut



I am a full stack .NET Developer. I like to work with C#, Asp.Net Core, SQL, Mongo DB, Javascript and GCP, and I am always eager to learn new technologies. I am here to share, to ask, and eventually to learn.

Company: Application Development Consultant

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer

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It’s great to have you onboard, @shaijut ! A big “welcome!” to you! 😎

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@Dimitris Petrakis Thank you 😊 , Thank you all for this opportunity to give back to the community. 

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@ilias Thank you for the opportunity. It's great to be part growing GCP community. 

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Thank you for being a Moderator.

It will be a pleasure to work with you @shaijut 😁