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Kubernetes: The Documentary

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If you want to watch something more interesting than the 200th episode of the most recent Netflix tv show, have a look at “Kubernetes, The Documentary” and have a look on how an internal Google tool became one of the most important open source projects.


Inspired by the open source success of Docker in 2013 and seeing the need for innovation in the area of large-scale cloud computing, a handful of forward-thinking Google engineers set to work on the container orchestrator that would come to be known as Kubernetes– this new tool would forever change the way the internet is built.


Kubernetes: The Documentary [PART 1]


Kubernetes: The Documentary [PART 2]


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The documentary was very informative showing how docker and kubernetes came into existence. :relaxed: It was indeed very interesting than any Netflix show.

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Thanks for share

I like to play GKE as possible :grin:

one of best Google contributions for sure

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Hi @seijimanoan 

if you want to play with GKE then you should check these two events:

Cloud OnBoard: Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine

How to effectively deploy apps with Kubernetes


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Thanks @Alfons ! I also watched the first part and found it very interesting indeed! I will watch the 2nd part next! It’s really interesting to see how things evolved