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Legacy Application Modernization approach?

  • 20 April 2021
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Dear C2C’er,


Many organisations still have what I would call legacy applications within and even running their businesses. Applications built on Lotus Notes, or bespoke Microsoft Access systems. Lift and Shift doesn’t seem to be a valid approach and rebuilding the functionality may be costly. 

Does anyone have any experience or advice for these organisations on a migration strategy?

2 replies

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@PaulRLees A few thoughts….

  1. You should join our upcoming App Mod Roadmap session next week with the Google Cloud App Mod team. We are anticipating 500+ attendees and the session is being hosted by Google’s Product and Engineering leads. Plenty of space to ask questions, discuss best practices, and then connect with others on this topic after the event as we are working to bring the post-event discussion here onto the platform: 
  2. Che@rseroter  intro post here and feel free to DM him here on the platform or jump onto his intro and ask your questions directly in his feed: 

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Yes! We might be able to answer some of your questions in that session. And if not, we can carve up time to talk more about it.