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Microservices made easy with Duet AI

  • 26 December 2023
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Streamline your containerized workloads and microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine with the power of Duet AI.

Discover how Duet AI accelerates and simplifies:

Setup: Get up and running quickly with AI-guided cluster creation and configuration.
Log Analysis: Effortlessly pinpoint issues and anomalies with intelligent log summarization and troubleshooting assistance.

Testing: Generate comprehensive test cases and automate testing processes for reliable deployments.

Private Deployments: Ensure security and compliance with ease, even in complex private network environments. Also, explore a range of additional GKE tasks that Duet AI can assist with, including troubleshooting, resource optimization, and security best practices.

Click on the video below to watch the demo.





0:00 - Intro

0:19 - Checking cloud logs

0:47 - Creating private build environments

1:11 - Creating a config file

1:38 - Using Artifact Registry

2:03 - Wrap up

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