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Register for the Beta Teach of the official Cloud Run course

  • 10 June 2021
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For the past few months, I've been working on the official Cloud Run course, together with an amazing team at Google Cloud learning. The Beta Teach is coming up and we're looking for audience representative learners.

Do you want to immerse yourself fully in the course and help me improve the course with your feedback? Register soon! (We’re capping the course at approximately 20 seats.) 

Course Outline

This is a beginner level course that covers Application Development with Cloud Run. We’ll cover the following topics with lectures and hands-on labs. 

  1. Introduction 
    Learn about the use cases that fit Cloud Run (and about the ones that don’t)
  2. Understanding Cloud Run
    Build an understanding of what it means to run a container image on Cloud Run, and how the runtime characteristics of the platform influence the way you design your application
  3. Building container images
    You don’t have to be a container expert in order to be productive with Cloud Run, but if you are one, Cloud Run won’t be in your way. Learn how to package your application with Docker or Buildpacks
  4. Diving deeper into Cloud Run
    Develop a deep understanding of the platform and learn about more advanced concepts such as revisions, traffic steering, the container lifecycle, and setting resource and scaling limits.
  5. Configuring service identity and authentication
    Especially if you are building a more serious application, you’ll want to make sure that every Cloud Run service in your system only has the permissions to do exactly what it needs to do. This module is a review of IAM in the context of Cloud Run.
  6. Serving requests
    Learn how to add Cloud CDN, path-based routing to integrate multiple Cloud Run services (or other Google Cloud services) on one domain, multi-region load balancing.
  7. Using inbound and outbound access control
    This module explores how you can use the Serverless VPC Access Connector to route traffic from your Cloud Run containers, and various ways to restrict who can invoke services.
  8. Persisting data
    Even a hyper-scalable serverless platform needs data in order to be interesting. The goal of this module is to explain how you connect your application to Cloud SQL and Memorystore.
  9. Implementing service-to-service communication
    On Cloud Run, you can design your application your way. Use one service, or split your business logic into multiple services. Cloud Run does not require you to break down your application into multiple services, but if you do, you need a way for those services to communicate.
  10. Orchestrating and automating serverless workflows
    Understand how to orchestrate and automate Google Cloud and API services with Cloud Workflows


Virtual instructor-led course (by me)
Date: June 23-25 
Time: 9AM to 5PM New York (3PM to 11PM Amsterdam for me)

If you can’t make the Beta Teach - no worries. The course will become generally available through authorized training partners and on-demand with Pluralsight and Coursera. 




Please be aware there’s a limited availability for this Beta Teach. We’re looking for learners who want to actively engage with us to improve the course through truthful and straightforward feedback.


If you’ve seen some of my other work, you’ll know that I love to present complex information visually. There’s no shortage of diagrams in this course either. Here are some teasers for you:



8 replies

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That’s great @wietsevenema !

Thanks for sharing it with our community! A 3 days begginer event on Cloud Run.

Really amazing!

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Thanks. I signed up for this.

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I was waiting for your post @hthirukkumaran :wink:

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@techupover is this something you or your team would be interested in?

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wow, wow, WOW! This is incredible, thank you for sharing with the community!

@jessica.dickman let’s keep this on your radar!

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Thanks for sharing!. I already registered, currently on the waiting list, I hope there is a space for me. This will be a great opportunity to learn Cloud Run.




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Thanks for sharing..! I’ve already registered, currently on the waiting list.

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Thanks for the invitation to take the official "Application Development with Cloud Run" training for Google Cloud.
It was an amazing opportunity to learn in depth how to develop and deploy highly scalable containerized applications on a fully managed serverless platform
Thanks @wietsevenema and Teresa McGuffey Hardy for an enjoyable 3 days of learning!.