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Switch to serverless architecture to save money and the planet

  • 18 October 2022
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Antoine Castex, Group data architect at L’Oreal and Guillaume Blaquiere, Group data architect at Carrefour discuss about serverless architecture to save money and the planet using Google Cloud. More and more companies are concerned about their carbon footprint and want to reduce it. Good News, Google Cloud datacenter are among the best in class in terms of CO2 emissions. However, using a low-carbon Cloud is not the only way to reduce your footprint. Your architecture choice and design can greatly impact your emissions. Learn how serverless can help you to meet the same requirement as your traditional infrastructure design, but with a far better efficiency; for your developers, for your billing and for your CO2 emissions.


Click on the video below to watch it in detail:

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5 replies

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Yeah!!!! Our very own @antoine.castex and @guillaume blaquiere rocking on the stage and making us proud! Also, introduced as “respected leaders of Customer 2 Customer - C2C in France”!

Amazing video, thanks for posting this, @malamin ! 

@ilias , @josh.berman , @Alfons , @alexandria.johnson , @Erika APAC Community Mgr , @michellegurney , @alan.muntadas , did you see this? :)


PS: Those are some great shirts by the way!



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Knew it &

saw it


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trop fort !

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Wow!  Fantastic session @guillaume blaquiere and @antoine.castex - an excellent combination of money saving and sustainability - the perfect pairing in these current times.  Being asked to speak at Next is a huge honour, but one which you two richly deserve - you are thought leaders in the GCP space, and we are so proud to have you as our Community leads for C2C France!  

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@guillaume blaquiere and @antoine.castex both are star shining  in c2c and inspired me.  Thank you too,  @Dimitris Petrakis.