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User Authentication + Cloud Functions

  • 7 October 2022
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I am trying to build an application that uses Identity Platform to handle user authentication. I am also building functionality into Cloud Functions that needs to be triggered by user actions in the application.


From an authentication/permissions standpoint, should I be opening up my Cloud Function to any and all traffic (not requiring IAM auth) and then doing verification of the user’s auth via Identity Platform from within the function?


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2 replies

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Hi @davidressler,

Thank you for questions. I don't know actually, how you have architect your solution and which language are using for users authorization module in cloud function.

Here is reference documentation that you can follow. I think it might be able to overcome your issue. If it is not work then please send me more in details that I can help you.






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Hello @davidressler! Please don’t forget to introduce yourself in the C2C Lounge using this template. It would be great for our members to get to know you a bit better 😎


So, has@malamin ‘s answer helped you?