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Using Cloud Run without learning containers

  • 19 June 2021
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Hey Folks! My name is Reto Meier, and I’m part of the Cloud Developer Relations team. I’m going to be posting some articles and videos that I think y’all will find interesting.The embedded video, created  by Martin Omander (Developer Advocate), was originally published on the Google Cloud Tech YouTube Channel


Looking to use Cloud Run without containers? In this video, we quickly show you how to deploy a web application to Cloud Run without having to worry about containers!


How to deploy to Cloud Run from source code → 

Source code used in this episode → 

Checkout more episodes of Serverless Expeditions →​ 

Subscribe to Google Cloud Tech on YouTube →​ 


We’d love to get your thoughts and comments in the discussion below! Let us know if this sort of thing is useful for you, and tell us more about your environment and what you’re trying to accomplish—The Google Cloud Developer Relations team.

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