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What have your rehosting experiences been like?

  • 18 August 2021
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Hi everyone! I wanted to share the article my colleague @C2C Stephen published this past week:

As a beginner to the inner workings of cloud development, I was curious to know if anyone could share their experiences rehosting. Is it as easy as simply “lifting” and “shifting”? Or are there other factors that must be considered before moving forward?

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Lift-and-Shift is an excellent solution for particular scenarios, could be an easy way to move some workload to the cloud. Some projects could be as easy as following a step-by-step set of instructions, and your server or application is in the cloud.

For me, Lift-and-Shift it’s the first step into the cloud journey that, when possible, should be followed by a cloud-native solution, so the return on the investment will be more than “we are on the cloud now.”

I’m thinking about some servers and applications that would benefit from a re-engineering to use cloud-native technologies leading to more efficient use, better user engagement, and development innovation. 

What are others thinking about this? Is there an abuse of the Lift-and-Shift method that leads to more technical debt in the future?