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But Have You Used The C2C Community Platform Yet?

  • 18 March 2021
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But Have You Used The C2C Community Platform Yet?
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At C2C, we’re on a mission to connect you with the very people who invented the tools you use every day. 

We’re living that mission by offering digital content and events that connect leaders with others making strategic decisions and connect technical teams with the tools and techniques driving their success. 

Our written conversation starters cover the industry holistically and within five specific content areas: AI/ML, Application Development, Data and Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, and Workspace. We will also soon be offering industry-specific resources. 

We strive to provide actionable insights with each digital content piece. For example, our event highlights pieces contain the relevant clips, or we also offer valuable cheat sheets for your certification journeys. We also have stories from experts in our community about their career journey. And we’re never short on the fun, even if it’s challenging the strategic leaders to a game of rapid-fire questions

“I love these kinds of ‘behind-the-scenes’ interviews because they give context to why things are done a certain way by Google,” said Chanel Greco, founder, and CEO of Saperis. “Please keep such great content coming.”

But our community is most successful when we can host community-led events and conversations. We offer the opportunity to build up thought leadership expertise through leading Talks or hosting Deep Dives. We believe a community is only as strong as its relationships, so we offer plenty of commiserating and knowledge-sharing opportunities. We also provide an incredible distribution network to amplify content creators within the Google Cloud stratosphere through mindful curating.

“When I saw the opportunity to connect with a community of Google Cloud practitioners, I just jumped to the opportunity,” said Juan Carlos Escalante, principal product manager for data access, visualization, and analytics at ‎Ipsos. “Having access to a community of people who are either taking their first steps into these cloud journeys or have been doing this for a long, long time, it's a lifelong resource. And for me, just having the opportunity to exchange or ask questions to someone who is way more advanced into serverless, for example, than I am, it's a great opportunity.”

Our community has rapidly swelled to more than 2,000 members, despite being months old. 

“Thank you for helping create an awesome Google community where we actually feel like we will be heard and can be a part of the process,” said Jesse Nowlin, CIO of Westland Real Estate Group. “So far, we have seen great things here and cannot wait to see more!”

Every day, we’re adding more opportunities to build relationships; here is what we offer today: 

The C2C Connect groups are an incredible wealth of engaging discussion, resources, and talented experts ready to answer your questions and support your goals. 

  1. Want to start a conversation about Workspace? Check out this Connect group

  2. Looking for insights about AI/ML? We got you covered.

  3. Need support on deriving insights from your data and analytics? There’s a home for you here.

  4. Curious about application development? That’s cool, here ya go.

Being a global community, we also offer Connect groups in different regions in local languages.

  1. French speaker? Head over to our C2C Connect: France group.

  2. German speaker? Our C2C Connect: Germany group is getting started.

  3. Located in the UK or Ireland? Explore our C2C Connect: UKI group.

We’re also always looking for more content! If you have a story to share, connect with Sabina Bhasin. You can find her on the platform at [at] ContentSabina. If you’re looking to join in the fun and spark a conversation, join our community today. 

We’ll see you on the other side. 

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