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CIAO! This is Vica from Evil Martians (community intro)

  • 8 September 2021
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  1. Who I am and what do I do for work?
    Hi! I am Victoria, the Head of BizDev at Evil Martians
    My job is to find exciting technical challenges for the Martian engineers.
    At the moment I am leading production of our COSS product.
  2. Experience with Google Cloud
    We are active Google Cloud users, I would say Expert users in the offered scale.
  3. What am I “famous” for professionally:
    I recently launched FEED, a video social media platform.
    As the imgproxy lead, I secured nearly 50K of revenue with inbound traffic only and signed with EpicGames and 

    I lived in the UK, USA and Brazil for 7 years total. Next dream destination is Japan.
    I’m fluent in Portuguese and frankly, I’m a Brazilian at heart.
  4. What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community?
    I want to grow a network of like-minded badass professionals for:
    Mutual inspiration / motivation and knowledge sharing
    — Sourcing exciting professional opportunities for me and my team
    — Ideally I would love to find a mentor for my bizdev activities
  5.  What can we collectively help with?
    I’m looking to build a strategy for Evil Martians and imgproxy — inputs on that would be most welcomed.
  6. How can C2C members connect with me?
    Here is totally okay, but LinkedIn would be my tool of choice. 
    My profile is:

    Also recently, I started my English Twitter
    Would love to connect there: 


10 replies

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Welcome to the community @vicamelnikova!

Glad you are experts in using Google Cloud. Maybe you can share some stories and case studies. What do you think;

I have played a little with imgproxy. It's wonderful!

As for your trip to Japan, I can say you have to go. It would be great if you visit Japan during the cherry blossom season. I stayed there for 22 days. And it will definitely go after the COVID restrictions.

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Aww thank you for such positive feedback for imgproxy! 

We are currently working a case study that can hopefully shad the light on how we used Google Cloud for FEED. I will share it as soon as I have it handy. In the meantime I suggest checking out our blog: — we tend to share valuable insights there pretty often. 


And a hard yes for Japan! As soon as the restrictions are gone, I’m there, trust me :) 

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Thanks for sharing your blog. I will take a look for sure.

Which islands are you going to visit in Japan? And which cities?

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Not too sure just yet! One of the Martian engineers has shared their dream route with me, and I may do just that:


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The Evil Martian engineers have done a great job. I might borrow it for my trip 😉

I was there in May. I will visit Japan again in May. Not so hot. There was rain only for half day. And it was at night.

Get the Shinkansen discount before visiting Japan. And you must visit Onsen. Completely relaxing experience!

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Welcome @vicamelnikova! @lorenzosfarra @tharun @pitazzo are also looking for mentors. Perhaps a coalition could be formed amongst the four of you? 

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@marissa.piazza Thanks a lot, Marissa! I would very much love that! Guys, please let me know if that is something we can set up.

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I’m interested, would love to work with you @vicamelnikova :)

Thank you @marissa.piazza :)

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Thanks @marissa.piazza for the hint, it would be great!

@vicamelnikova, totally interested :)


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@vicamelnikova @lorenzosfarra @tharun @pitazzo I wanted to make sure you knew about this startup week event on Monday:

The times are for these are MDT (UCT-6).