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Co-founder Search Tips

  • 10 October 2021
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I have been searching for a co-founder/co-foundress (is that a word?!) for sometime.  We laugh that finding a partner to marry is much easier, than finding a great co-founder. LOL

These are the links I want to share to save lot of time to my fellow co-founders.

YC Founder Match is pretty cool. They are improving it, and I have met many great candidates, but I wished they used  psychology (like they use it determine investment candidates) to find matches!

The Founder Institute Article on What Questions to Ask/Discuss with Potential Co-founders is very educational and insightful.

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The most successful startups involve someone else you know but depending on your background this may not always be possible. I’m watching the thread as well good luck!


Happened to run across this article the other day that included data from a Wharton study, titled Solo Survivors: Solo Ventures vs Founding Teams.  The study found “investors seemed biased toward teams, as the startups with multiple cofounders raised more money. But in terms of outcomes, they found that startups with single founders tended to last longer and eventually achieve higher revenue.”

My takeaway was that if the goal is to fill a deficiency, technical or otherwise, then a solo founder is more likely to be successful hiring an individual to fill the position than to find a co-founder. 

The author summed it up when he said the product should be built based on what the customer needs and those customers should like the company. The company should not be built based around what the investors think.

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This is a great article @BrettBauer.

Thanks for sharing it!

I guess it all depends on the founder of the idea. If this person has a clear vision and the knowledge to support it, then he goes to the appropriate group recruitment. Otherwise, you will need a co-founder to fill the gaps and then hire the team.