Community Introduction: Alex Maksymec

  • 1 March 2021
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What role do you serve in your current organization?
I work on C2C’s content team, assisting with the production of our events. If you’re ever wanting to host a session with us, it’s very likely we’ll be in touch to prepare for it. 

What's your experience with Google Cloud? (Expert, novice, or somewhere in between? There's no wrong answer!)
I’m very new to it! While I’ve previously done similar work for other enterprise software and was somewhat aware of what Google Cloud had to offer, I’m still learning a lot of specifics about Google Cloud. Since really sinking into it in September last year, I have to say I’m really excited to be learning about it as we grow this community.

What are you “famous” for? (i.e., What's your topic of expertise that the community can ask you about?):

  • Professionally - I’m known for diving right into new tech our team has available and learning all its ins and outs to drive team collaboration, project management, and great experiences for our community. I also tend to pick up the pieces of understanding key topic areas fairly quickly and making sure our event content stays relevant.
  • Personally - I’m a creative and love exploring new hobbies! My favorites are anything to do with the arts, so outside of work hours you can find me painting, drawing, sculpting, building, taking aerial dance classes, visiting museums, browsing local craft fairs - you name it. I also love the outdoors (and sometimes volunteer for nearby forest preserves)  and finding new cocktail or vegan food recipes to make for friends.

What is the #1 result you'd like to get out of this community? (Connections? Resources? Access to experts? A mentor? Something else?)
I want you to come share your story on our events! I can’t wait to get into really building out our event platform to amplify the voices of our community. We have some really great offerings in a few different formats - if you’re curious about ways to get involved, reach out to me!

What are you working on right now that we can collectively help with?
Recruiting community members for our events. See above!

How can other C2C members best connect with you? Here on our C2C platform? Direct messages via your C2C profile? LinkedIn? 
You can reach me directly on the platform, or participate in some of the announcement threads I’ll be posting for each of our events. You can also find me here on LinkedIn:

5 replies

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Hi @alex.maksymec 

Any pictures you care to share of crafts you made? 


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@chris.stallone Yeah, definitely!


This is one of my larger projects - a grid I installed to hang a wall garden onto.
My most recent - a small terrarium I put together this weekend. Keeping up with my favorite theme of plants.


If there are any other crafters out there, I could use some help with the below! I made this chessboard years ago, and I’m trying to think of a way to finally make some pieces to pair with it. I don’t have access to a woodshop anymore, though, so I’ll have to get creative with materials and tools.

Chessboard made of poplar and walnut.


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@alex.maksymec Amazing work!


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@alex.maksymec You are putting us to shame...that is a cool chess board, do you play? That might be my 2022 goal. To learn to play, not build one ; )

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Love the grid idea! Too bad I kill plants at first sight!