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French Gopher and more [Personal intro]

  • 12 September 2021
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Hello there !

I’m Frederic G. MARAND, aka FGM, founder of, a french consultancy specialized in backend performance.

For years, I’ve been regularly trying to use GCP instead of AWS - which is how I started with cloud services 10 years ago - but always failed to complete the switch, never making sense of the UI.

Professionally, I’m specialized in speeding up web sites/apps on the backend site, mostly by improving code efficiency in Drupal-based sites (I’m a Drupal core maintainer and long-time contributor), but also splitting monoliths to microservices, usually using a bus like Kafka and Go to implement the services themselves.

Personally, I’ve also a been bass player in various rock or metal bands over the years.

I joined C2C because some time ago I started to design and build a reliability-oriented SaaS product, but I am that kind of full-stack developer, so I hope to meet other people interested in the UX and design parts of the project.

You can contact me here, on LinkedIn, or using my my contact form

8 replies

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Bonjour , bienvenue , enfin un métalleux ! 

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Welcome @FGM!

Have you joined our dedicated group for France? @guillaume blaquiere and @antoine.castex are our team leaders for GCP and @alan.muntadas for Workspace.

You can signup for our GCP Coffee Chats in French, every 15 days, and our monthly Workspace Coffee Chats in French. Also take a look at our upcoming events.


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Welcome !


Thanks all. Yes, I’m already registered for the GCP coffee chats in french.

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Welcome @FGM 

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Welcome @FGM! What do you think the UI could do better on in GCP?


Basically be understandable, not hiding things in folded menus. AWS may not be flashy or fashionable, but I find its general UI to be much more understandable.

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That totally makes sense. Sometimes just getting to the point is the most valuable thing a product can do.